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Today Starts NOW works with young people, schools, colleges and employers. 

We work with schools to help improve attitudes, attendance, image, speech, motivation, and so much more. 

Through our programmes we promise to link everything to the real world, engage employers and role models to make a difference to your students. 

Quality Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance helps to focus young minds and helps build a positive future for the young peole we work with. We can help make the world of work an exciting one, and one which can turn into a reality.

Our CEIAG one to one meetings are backed up by bringing employers into school. We help schools forge links with local and national employers.  Every week employers come to school as part of a holistic coaching program designed to show our young people the real wold out there. What do employers expect? How to do approach an employer for a work placement, or a job? Best way to find out  - is to ask an employer! 

Employers out there want to help make a difference to young people lives. Through 'Today Starts NOW', we bring everything together for both the employer and the school to make that meeting have real impact. 

Our Enterprise projects inspire and challenge young people, whether you're looking for a term long project, or a year long one. We gently nudge our budding entrepreneurs through a live project which they will design, deliver, manage and sell to school partners, local communities and local businesses. 

We'd love to work with you, so get in touch! 

Tel: 0754 5888 488


                                                    Sir Terry Leahy, former boss of Tesco visits one of our schools for Question Time with the sixth form